Ombre brows: how to get the flawless look?

Currently we are turning away from bold, exaggerated brows and moving towards the natural look. That is why techniques like ombre, or shading, are trending. Are you familiar with the ombre brows? Learn how to get the effect! Natural eyebrow definition doesn’t reveal you applied makeup. According to current trends, makeup isn’t supposed to be striking. Soft eyebrow makeup is a tool for highlighting the natural beauty of your brow…

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Home brow care: Most common brow mistakes and how to fix them

Do you want to shape and take care of your brows at home? Do you want to be no longer dependent on the beautician and the fact whether she has na open slot for you? Great! Today, we’re going to give you a tip on what is needed to improve your eyebrow appearance and define their perfect shape. Also, we’re going to tell you which brow mistakes should you steer…

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Permanent eyebrows procedure that went wrong. What then?

Undoubtedly, permanent eyebrows procedure is slowly becoming more and more popular among ladies. We go for it when we want to improve the appearance of our face. However, what should be done if the procedure of tattooing fake brow hairs goes wrong? Surely, it’s hardly possible to cover up botched permanent makeup. How will you know that a beautician succeeded in giving you good permanent brows? How will you know…

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How to apply eyebrow makeup? Step by step manual + useful tips

Well-defined eyebrows can gift the entire face with customized and truly beautiful look. Even if the brows are good-looking by nature, giving them a subtle polish with a few strokes of pencil can turn out to produce incredibly spectacular effects. How to do it correctly? Find out how to apply makeup to eyebrows step by step and learn what color cosmetics should make this task easier for you. No matter how your brows…

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Eyebrow mapping: How to perfect your brow shape?

If you think that perfect lines, arches, angles and segments are used only on a math course, then you are going to be surprised in a moment. The same terms are used in… beauty salons. Have you heard about eyebrow mapping? Do you know what it is? Does it even help us to define the perfect brow shape? Find out! Beauty standards change with decades and the very changes also…

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