Permanent makeup: Ombre brows

Apart from eyebrow feathering, ombre brows is now one of the most popular techniques of applying permanent makeup to eyebrows. What is it exactly and why are ombre brows so common nowadays?

Eyebrow shading vs. ombre brows

Both eyebrow shading and ombre brows are forms of permanent makeup. The former depends on creating a long-lasting effect due to shading technique, which in fact is used in classic drawing. Some people compare the results to having a kind of shadow among the brow hairs. This technique defines brow shape and creates an illusion of fuller-looking eyebrows. The classic form of brow shading makes use of one color only. When it comes to ombre brows, this technique also requires using shading, yet the execution differs. Permanent brow makeup in its ombre version focuses on using a few pigments to achieve natural-looking, more subtle color gradients that together create three dimensional effect in brow makeup.

Permanent makeup: Ombre brows

Creating ombre effect in permanent brow makeup is one of the latest techniques that depends on injecting pigment into skin. Reportedly, this is one of the most popular methods of fixing thinning brows and is frequently chosen by women of all ages. This technique differs from the classic eyebrow shading in the effects achieved – they are more subtle and at the same time imitate natural brows far better. In most cases, eyebrow enhanced due to ombre method has lighter and darker (more saturated) tones. What’s interesting, ombre brows can be done in two ways, which depends on the client’s beauty type:

Permanent makeup: Ombre brows. Two types of shading

1. Horizontal blend – perfect for young people with strong facial features

2. Vertical blend – ideal for older people, for those with delicate and smooth facial features

Permanent makeup: Benefits of ombre brows

  • subtle and natural shades of brows
  • even distribution of pigments
  • perfect color gradient
  • perfectly defined eyebrows
  • stunning and natural-looking effects
  • perfect brows every day

Ombre brows: How does the cosmetic procedure look like?

This process of ombre brows begins with drawing a preliminary outline, which in other words is defining the new brow shape with a special pencil. Also, the matching pigments are chosen. Then, a beautician can proceed to inject the pigments into skin. Of course, before that, the brow skin area is treated with special preparation containing lidocaine to deprive it of feeling. Only then can a lingerist (a brow artist) apply a special technique of injecting the pigments. What’s important to realize, right after the procedure the brows might look darker than you expected. The good news though is that within approximately 7 days since the treatment, the pigment is supposed to get 40-50% lighter. Then, an additional session is required to make the effect more visible and satisfying.

How long does ombre brows last?

The effect of ombre brows can last from a few months up to two years. Since the pigment fades over time, it’s recommended to make an appointment with a brow artist once a year and get the color of ombre brows refreshed.

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