How to apply brow makeup like a pro? Step by step manual

Defining eyebrows is undoubtedly an important stage in applying makeup. Together with long lashes, accentuated eyebrows create a frame for eyes. Therefore, it’s a good idea to master doing brow makeup to the perfection. Do you know how to bring out the brows using color cosmetics and, consequently, make them impress others? Do you know how to accentuate the brows to achieve natural-looking effect? If not, continue reading to learn a few useful tips on fixing brows with makeup.

How to apply brow makeup like a pro? Step by step manual


This may sound weird but the brow ridges must be prepared adequately for makeup. The next time you apply a foundation and concealer to face, don’t forget to follow with powdering the brows – in this way you will make the brow skin dry and matte which in turn increases adhesiveness of brow cosmetics that you’re going to apply shortly. However, if you think that you’ve applied too much powder, brush it out with a special brow spoolie.


Start with combing the brow hairs up or run the spoolie according to the direction that hair grows. Now, reach for the chosen brow enhancing product (e.g. tint, pomade, pencil) and define the base of the brows meticulously – focus on accentuating its tip. On the other hand, don’t overdo with the color. At this stage, this is just an outline that you’re doing, not the actual makeup that will be more obvious later. What you can do¬† now though, you can fill in the outer edge of the brows with a color. It’s also worth realizing that the top of brow shouldn’t be too dark/sharp – it should be smooth because at the end you will have to mattify it subtly to create a natural effect and get rid of the contours that may make you look cartoonish.


How to fill in the brows? Well, it may require you to have some skills. First, try to apply a color using rapid and short motions starting from the inner edge of brow and head the outer edge. As you probably know it, eyebrows aren’t shaded evenly by nature, therefore if you care for achieving genuine look, you should use less pressure and apply the color gentler while drawing the fake brow hairs somewhere in the middle of the procedure. Actually, if you do this right, you can achieve ombre effect on brows. Bear in mind that it’s better to add more color later – when you think that your brows need more saturation – than using too much of the color right at the beginning and trying to make it less intensive later.


It’s time to gift the brows with natural look. Take a brow comb and run it gently through the brow hairs starting from the inner edge of the brow and slowly moving to the opposite edge. Bear in mind that the ‘tail’ of the brow (its narrowest part) should be more accentuated when compared to the beginning of brow. Only then can you be sure that the effect you create will be natural.


Defined and combed eyebrows look far better already. However, it happens more often than not that after applying brow makeup, the skin surrounding the brow ridge is stained with the products. To make your look nice and clean, reach for a concealer or a dedicated nude pencil and use it to cover up all the marks left by brow makeup cosmetics. To get rid of some stains, you can also use a damp Q-tip. It goes without saying that it’s entirely up to you how the final effect looks like, therefore if you think that the brows need more definition, feel free to add more color.

What are the best color cosmetics to use for brow makeup?

Actually, this question has to remain unanswered because each one of us has different preferences. Also, brows are different. For example, ladies who are gifted with full and bold eyebrows would go for a natural brow mascara that enhances the brows subtly, styles them and delicately intensifies the natural colour of hairs. On the other hand, women whose eyebrows are thin and delicate, whose brows are sparse and thinning, they should reach for an advanced eyebrow serum to foster regeneration. However, before the first signs of improvement are noticed, such women can reach for a color cosmetic that helps them fill in the sparse areas. This effect can be created due to a brow pomade or brow tint.

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