Eyebrow mapping: How to perfect your brow shape?

If you think that perfect lines, arches, angles and segments are used only on a math course, then you are going to be surprised in a moment. The same terms are used in… beauty salons. Have you heard about eyebrow mapping? Do you know what it is? Does it even help us to define the perfect brow shape? Find out!

Beauty standards change with decades and the very changes also impact the way we perceive the perfect eyebrows. For example, in the 90s, those who followed the fashion wore thin and almost over-tweezed brows which, on the top of that, had a really intensive color. Today we go for natural look and perfectly shaped brows – but this in fact may change soon.

However, nowadays we need to make use of a special technique called ‘eyebrow mapping.’ After all, how to determine the most suitable brow shape without finding and connecting the right points on the brow ridge?

Brow architecture and mapping

Sounds like a complicated field of study? Well, it shouldn’t. Brow architecture and mapping is a service offered in beauty parlors that is provided while applying permanent brow makeup. In short, it focuses on finding and determining the best geometric shape of the client’s brow ridges. In other words, it depends on finding the perfect shape, symmetry, offset and arch of eyebrows.

Naturally, brow mapping can be carried out as a separately, which is a pretty new cosmetic procedure offered in beauty salons. Not only does it help achieve better results in permanent makeup but also in this common procedure of dyeing brows with henna or applying makeup to brows at home.

Eyebrow mapping. Do we really need it?

Indeed, you can map the brows ‘to your eye’, without making any use of special measuring tools or mapping techniques. Perhaps you will succeed in gifting your brows with the right shape, yet it won’t be perfect.

Eyebrow mapping (or brow architecture if you like it this way) offers you a simpler solution. This is a compilation of tips on defining the ideal shape of eyebrows. Even if you are neither a professional makeup artist nor lingerist, you should know the basics of brow mapping. This is the knowledge that will help you improve the already attractive appearance of yours, and get it to the next level.

How to determine the perfect brow shape?

Irregular brow line, asymmetrical arches, either too thin or too thick brows – well, this isn’t what we actually dream about. For that reason, it’s a good thing to make use of eyebrow mapping technique. How to determine the perfect brow shape?

Essential tools:

an eye/brow pencils (the shade doesn’t matter because you will use it as a measuring tool), a ruler or a simple straight stick (e.g. shaslik stick)

Eyebrow mapping step by step:

  • In order to find the beginning of your perfect brow, put the stick/brow pencil horizontally to a side of your nose. The spot where the stick lines up with the brow ridge is the beginning of your new eyebrow. Mark it.
  • The second step focuses on marking the highest point of your brow – the arch. It’s supposed to be located somewhere on 3/4 of brow length starting from its inner edge. You can find this spot by placing the stick to a side of the nose diagonally so as to make it line up with the iris.
  • The third step depends on finding the outer edge of your new brew. Do to it correctly, move the stick sideways so it lines up with the outer eye corner.
  • The last step of eyebrow mapping depends on drawing the arch that is supposed to run through the points you’ve just marked. Make sure that it’s neither too sharp nor too smooth. Perfect brows should gradually narrow towards the outer edge.

NOTE! It happens surprisingly often that our eyebrows don’t require any mapping – they are perfectly shaped by nature. In such case a small touch-up and subtle correction is all you need to enjoy fleek eyebrows.

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