[Step by step] How to bring out natural beauty of your brows?

Perfectly defined yet still looking surprisingly natural – such eyebrows add nothing but charm to our physical appearance. How to create such an effect? Here are a few simple and easy-to-follow steps that should be taken to enjoy having flawless eyebrows.

Makeup isn’t the answer to all our beauty-related problems, however, it has a huge influence on the way our eyebrows look. Still, no matter how many high-quality color cosmetics you put on, the final effect will be far from satisfactory unless you take good care of your eyebrows first.

Here are some tips that allow you to bring out natural beauty of your eyebrows. Find out whether you give the brows the attention they deserve and need.

STEP 1. Eyebrow care

Adequate attention given to eyebrows is the key because only when strong, resistant to thinning and thick, the arches would look good. Let’s find out how to improve eyebrow thickness and revive them a little bit so we do no longer need to cover up imperfections such as sparseness.

Below you will find the most common and the most popular methods that are recognized for making eyebrows visibly stronger. Choose the one that suits you best.

  1. Eyebrow serum – owing to a lightweight and saturated with nourishing substances formula this product is believed to be irreplaceable in daily eyebrow care; it prevents eyebrow thinning, promotes growth and improves thickness.
  2. Eyebrow oil – an alternative solution to regenerate and reinforce eyebrows that is chosen by those who are savers, for organic cosmetic enthusiasts and those who don’t experience huge problems with their eyebrows.

STEP 2. Eyebrow shaping

When they are finally strong enough and full, you can proceed with giving eyebrows the right shape (known commonly as eyebrow mapping). The main purpose of this procedure is to get you the most suitable shape of eyebrows, accentuate their contour and arch.

And here are also a few options because there isn’t just one way to shape the eyebrows. The most popular techniques are as follows:

  1. Eyebrow tweezing – owing to its simplicity, tweezing is chosen by the majority of women. It depends on plucking out individual brow hairs with the use of tweezers. This is how you can give the desired definition to eyebrows.
  2. Eyebrow threading – a cosmetic procedure originating from Saudi Arabia where women shape their eyebrows making use of a twisted thread, which is reportedly the most gentle way of hair removal.
  3. Eyebrow waxing – this is a technique that can’t be applied at home because you need two things to do it correctly: liquid wax and skills. The desired effect is achieved through spreading warm wax on eyebrow area to remove the hair that spoil our looks.
  4. Eyebrow trimmer – fourth option requires the use of trimmer which is a small comb with an in-built blade. This tool considerably eases eyebrow shaping. It’s worth realizing that trimmer doesn’t remove hair but – as the name speaks for itself – it just trims the brows.

STEP 3. Eyebrow makeup

The next step that you can take depends on applying color cosmetics to eyebrows – after all, makeup products buff out the brows. Therefore, if you care for having beautiful, thick and dimensional arches, you must acquire the proper technique of applying makeup.

To accomplish this task, you can use eyebrow shadows, pencil, pomade or tints. The eyebrow makeup product you use depends on your preferences (some give long-wearing effect), skills (some are easier to apply then others) and wallet (some are more expensive).

The most important thing though is – no matter the product chosen – to know how to apply eyebrow makeup correctly. This makes an essential skill because even the best color cosmetic won’t help you if you don’t know how to accentuate eyebrows in the right way.

  1. Begin with outlining the lower arch.
  2. Mark the beginning and end of both eyebrows to make them look symmetrical.
  3. Mark the highest point of the brows (arch).
  4. Fill in the sparseness by drawing false brow hairs.
  5. Comb the eyebrows to spread the color cosmetic evenly.
  6. Gently blend the upper line of eyebrows for a natural-looking effect.
  7. Fix the results with e.g. clear brow setting gel.

STEP 4. Eyebrow makeup removal

And finally, you should understand the importance of eyebrow makeup removal – it does matter. For example, if you aren’t gentle with the eyebrows, if you keep rubbing them with a cotton pad harshly, don’t be surprised that soon the brows become weak and fragile. Consequently, they will lose the thickness you achieved with a brow serum.

The way you take off makeup is as important as the cosmetics you use for its this procedure. The best eye makeup removers are lightweight face milks, micellar lotions (are able to take makeup off without rubbing) and natural oils or oil blends (castor oil + argan/almond/jojoba oil).

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