How to condition your brows for spectacular thickness?

There are so many women wondering how to get the brow look they see in commercials. Thick, full and natural brows. Though we shouldn’t be obsessively struggling for the magazine-cover look, it’s worthwhile to know how to improve the appearance of eyebrows and feel better!

First of all, we must remember that there are plenty of things that have an impact on the appearance of brows. It’s not all about the brow fillers. The way of applying makeup and caring for brow hair matter as well. First things first!

How to bring out the beauty of brows?

The appearance of brows depends on two things – makeup as well as brow care. We should concentrate on the latter and learn how to care for eyebrows to highlight their natural beauty.

Without fake look, without semi-permanent makeup. It is possible but you need a little patience and the right attitude. At first, the key rules of eyebrow care for the record.

Basic rules of eyebrow care

  1. Be gentle for your brows, never rub or tug them.
  2. Condition your brows just like you care for your hair – regularly and effectively.
  3. Use only top-quality products – natural, free from chemicals.
  4. Cut down on makeup – less means more.

What are the best ways of enhancing brows?

Let’s move on to the bottom line: how to condition eyebrows so that they are healthy, long and thick? Knowing how to nourish, moisturize and strengthen the brows is a must. Makeup looks good when your brows are strong and thick. If you try to camouflage the imperfections (e.g. sparse, patchy brows) with makeup, the effect will be far from perfection.

1. Eyebrow Serum

Hands down eyebrow serum is the most popular way of making brows stronger and better-looking. The choice of a product that is made of quality, highly-concentrated ingredients and works effectively is the most important. How to find it? Read users’ comments and reviews. Generally, eyebrow serum is the fastest-working brow treatment so you can boast breathtaking brow arches even after two weeks.

2. Eyebrow Oil Treatment

Another option focuses on nourishing and strengthening brows with a natural oil. Cold-pressed castor oil is the best and the most popular among oils picked for brow care – it has a repairing effect, strengthens hair follicles, speeds up growth, boosts volume and intensifies the color. In turn your arches are bolder after a few weeks of treatment.

3. Eyebrow Combing and Massage

It’s one of the best ways of keeping brows in shape. Even though it might seem weird, it’s worth giving a try – the massage increases blood flow and consequently nourishes and activates brow follicles so brows grow thicker and healthier. You can massage the brow area with your fingertips or combing the brows e.g. with an old mascara brush.

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