RevitaBrow Advanced eyebrow serum

RevitaBrow Advanced

RevitaBrow Advanced eyebrow serum: Formula

RevitaBrow is a sister product of the well-known eyelash serum – RevitaLash Eyelash. Of course, the formulas of both products are slightly different. RevitaBrow contains quite an amount of plant extracts that are supposed to treat small brow hairs and protect them against external aggressors. The ingredients are: ginseng, green tea, honeysuckle, common marigold, saw palmetto and wheat.

RevitaBrow Advanced eyebrow serum: Benefits

RevitaBrow eyebrow serum helps to rebuild sparse, weak and patchy eyebrows. The blend of plant extracts takes care of eyebrows and conditions both the entire brow ridge and its skin. When applied regularly, RevitaBrow makes eyebrows neat and beautiful in 6-7 weeks. The state of eyebrows significantly improves, hairs get darker and grow faster.

RevitaBrow Advanced eyebrow serum: Applicator & Use

This eyebrow serum comes with a sponge-tip applicator – it can be compared to a lip gloss applicator. The key factor that guarantees to achieve the looked-for effects is being persistent. Namely, RevitaBrow has to be applied on a daily basis – most preferably at bedtime – to degreased and clean brow ridge. RevitaBrow is suitable to be applied to permanent makeup. Those who have sensitive eyes or wear contact lenses can also make use of this eyebrow serum.

RevitaBrow Advanced eyebrow serum: Reviews

Many women report being satisfied with the effects achieved with RevitaBrow; the users describe the results as significant and clear. This eyebrow serum allows to rebuild over-plucked eyebrows, but mostly it is responsible for nourishing existing brow hairs in approximately 2 months. Moreover, many women give RevitaBrow positive reviews claiming that the appearance of their eyebrows improved. The brow hairs become enhanced, stronger and thicker.

However, RevitaBrow is one of the most expensive eyebrow serums on the market, therefore many women resign from buying it and turn to other eyebrow serums that create stunning results for a definitely lower price.

RevitaBrow Advanced eyebrow serum: Summary

SIZE3 ml
CONSISTENCYrunny and thin
EFFICIENCYfairly efficient
PERFORMANCEpretty quick results
EFFECTSnourished, dark, thick strong and definitely prettier eyebrows
PRICEvery high, this serum is not cost-effective

Justification: This is one of the costliest eyebrow serums that you can buy. Indeed, it is effective but you have to be patient to notice the improvement in the appearance of the brows. The serum is easy to spill if the tube is not tightly closed. The serum itself is not economical when compared to other similar products.

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