Ombre brows: how to get the flawless look?

Currently we are turning away from bold, exaggerated brows and moving towards the natural look. That is why techniques like ombre, or shading, are trending. Are you familiar with the ombre brows? Learn how to get the effect!

Natural eyebrow definition doesn’t reveal you applied makeup. According to current trends, makeup isn’t supposed to be striking. Soft eyebrow makeup is a tool for highlighting the natural beauty of your brow arches.

Let’s face the truth – natural eyebrows aren’t ideal. The arches may have slightly different colors, some areas are darker/lighter; they aren’t measured with a ruler. That is why very natural-looking ombre makeup makes the best pick. Learn the must-know on this makeup trend and why you should give it a try!

Ombre brows – what do they look like?

Hands down, ombre makeup brings you closest to the natural appearance. It concentrates on reflecting the natural look of your arches. In other words, it is eyebrow shading in which color saturation varies: dark bottom line getting lighter while you move upwards. Thanks to the trick you get natural-looking brows that don’t look “heavy”, and perfectly complete your makeup.

Ombre brows make an ideal day-to-day choice because they subtly enhance the facial features, plus they are easier to create – ombre-style makeup doesn’t need precision contours or filling in.

Step-by-step guide: how to apply ombre brow makeup

The time has come for clear directions for creating ombre brows. Contrary to appearances, this kind of makeup isn’t at all complicated. You can get natural ombre effect by following a few simple steps.


It’s time to prepare your brows for makeup. Apart from shaping and conditioning them with a serum or oil, you should sprinkle some powder on them. What’s the point of that? Better adherence of products and long-wear effect.


The first stage of makeup itself is outlining the bottom line of the brows because it’s the most important, affecting the final look. Using a brow pencil or pomade and an angled brush is the easiest way. The line shouldn’t be thick but it must clearly mark the start and end of the brows.


Another step concentrates on filling in the patches. You simply draw missing hairs. Using a few quick strokes of a thin brush in the direction of hair growth is the best technique. The effect is the most natural this way.


At last, you need to do your best to make the look as natural as possible because this is essential for ombre style. To achieve that, simply brush through the brows to slightly smudge the lines. Also remember to comb the upper line and start of the brows so the color blends nicely with the skin.


The last step is optional and you can skip it. If you like, use a clear brow gel for a hold and to tame the brows. The product also keeps your makeup from smudging. It’s better not to skip it.

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