Home brow care: Most common brow mistakes and how to fix them

Do you want to shape and take care of your brows at home? Do you want to be no longer dependent on the beautician and the fact whether she has na open slot for you? Great! Today, we’re going to give you a tip on what is needed to improve your eyebrow appearance and define their perfect shape. Also, we’re going to tell you which brow mistakes should you steer clear of.

Before you start shaping the brows on your own, you need to collect a few essential accessories. What is required to professionally reshape brows at home?

Home eyebrow shaping and styling kit:

  • tweezers
  • a nude brow pencil
  • a brow spoolie (mascara wand-style brush)

It’s time to define your brows. Obviously, before gifting your brows with the most suitable shape, you must grow them back first. There are two ways to do it, for example you can give them time and wait till they become ‘hairy’ enough, but that’s just one solution. You can also reach for an eyebrow serum that will not only help you grow back brow hairs quicker but also reinforce the follicles. It’s worth realizing that a good eyebrow serum is able to speed up the process of brow hair growing (i.e. they extend faster) as well as it makes the eyebrows stronger, thicker and fuller-looking. Then, the only thing that you are left with is redefining eyebrow shape.

How to do it correctly? Here is a simple HOW-TO walking you through a few simple steps so eyebrow shaping will no longer pose a problem for you.

How to shape brows correctly: Step by step guide

  1. Comb the brows thoroughly – this allows you to determine the direction which your brow hairs grow naturally. When combed, take a look at the eyebrows to find out which shape would suit them best. Bear in mind that every eyebrow has its own line – a kind of ‘backbone’ – and therefore it should be shaped minding the very line. In other words, if the change of shape is too drastic, the effect created might be unsatisfactory, or bizarre.
  2. Take a nude pencil – outline your brow ridges carefully. You can expect the pencil to cover up some unwanted hairs therefore it will become easier for you to decide whether the shape you want to gift the brows with is satisfying. Once you take a good look at your outlined brows, you will know if the new shape suits both the brows and the eye set (e.g wide or deep). This nude pencil trick is advantageous also because you can correct, erase and draw various shapes numerous times, which means that you can ‘try on’ various variants until you find the perfect brow shape for your face. Furthermore, remember to check whether both brows are symmetrical and whether their shapes are similar. Do they share the same length, width and set? Thanks to the brow pencil, you can fix any disproportion easily.
  3. Remove hair – reach for tweezers and start pulling out gently all the hairs that grow outside the nude pencil outline or underneath the very lines you’ve drawn. If you aren’t sure whether to remove a particular hair or nor – just leave it alone. You can always get back to it later, at any moment. Sometimes it may turn out that lack of this single hair blemishes the entire effect you created on brow ridges.

Most common eyebrow shaping mistakes. How to fix them?

  1. Eyebrows looking too thick

Certainly, this issue is not an issue at all. If you think that your eyebrows look a little bit too thick, simply remove the hair that you find redundant.

  1. Eyebrows looking too thin

The process of fixing thin eyebrows needs a little bit more time. Sadly, you have to be patient and wait until the eyebrows grow back. If you think that the brow hairs appear and extend too slowly, get yourself an advanced eyebrow serum. The best brow serum stimulates the follicles to produce brow hairs faster which is why you will need just a few weeks to finally redefine eyebrow shape. Actually, you can also try to improve the appearance of thin eyebrows by applying particular makeup techniques. Use one of the following: a brow pomade, a brow tint or a special brow marker (i.e. tattoo brow).

  1. Eyebrows that are over-plucked either on the outer or inner edge

We are dealing here with too short eyebrows. In this case – similarly to the problem discussed above – you have to wait until the eyebrows grow out. However, before that, you can try to make the eyebrows look longer due to makeup. The true life-saver here is an eyebrow tint – such as NYX or Aqua Brow – that allows you to draw the missing brow parts, hair by hair.

  1. One eyebrow end is too thin when compared to the other end

Before these – ironically called tadpole eyebrows – grow out, you can try to add some thickness to the narrowest part of the brows. The easiest way to achieve satisfying effects is by using matching eyebrows shades and a special brow marker that you can use to draw individual hairs with. Another good solution is also the above-mentioned tattoo brow, which is an ink pen featuring a special tip – instead of having a regular one-tip brush, it has a three-tip brush.

  1. Eyebrows that are too flat

These are so-called lifeless eyebrows – they are too smooth with no clear arch marked. Luckily, too straight and too flat eyebrows can be fixed easily. Just reach for tweezers and add some touch-ups to the lower part of your brows. The rest can be fixed by applying the right makeup techniques to the brows. Reach either for a brow pomade or a brow marker and start touching the upper part of the brows in – the arch should be located somewhere at 2/3 eyebrow length. Last thing to remember, you shouldn’t make the improvement too dramatic – the arch should be no more than just 2 mm higher.

  1. Eyebrows that are over-arched

Luckily, this is another issue that is super easy to fix – subtle correction of the arch suffices completely. Again, reach for tweezers and very carefully start removing individual hairs from the highest point of your eyebrows. Naturally, if you think that the arch is still too obvious, you can add some missing hairs right below it.

Good luck with your brow shaping!

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