Permanent makeup: Hair stroke brows

Permanent makeup has many ‘faces,’ and the issue is to choose the one that would suit you best and bring out your unique facial features. One of the most popular methods of permanent brows is so-called hair stroke brows. Undoubtedly, this is a method known for delivering very precision effects that perfectly imitate real brow hairs. More and more often, people who happened to lose their brows to various reasons frequently get them reconstructed due to the very cosmetic procedure. Additionally, hair stroke brows is often chosen by those who for some reason can’t use eyebrow serum to stimulate and improve brow growth. It also happens that hair stroke brows is combined with other types of permanent brows methods to achieve even better results.

What’s hair stroke technique?

Eyebrows make one of the most important elements that have an immense impact on both the way face looks and its character. It’s been long known that perfectly shaped eyebrows improve our physical appearance and help us feel attractive. When the brows look bad and when their condition is poor, when their shape doesn’t suit our face or – in extreme cases – when we lost the brows, there are a few ways that can help us fix this problem, luckily. Take an eyelash serum for example that is the best form of brow reconstruction. Such brow care product forces eyebrows to grow which obviously gives the best results – natural results. Another way of handling thinning brows is permanent makeup. As said earlier, hair stroke technique is a leading one – it’s the most common method of dealing with unsatisfactory look of brows. It depends on adding (i.e. tattooing) fake brow hairs – hair by hair – to the brow ridge. This is how the effect created is considered by many as incredibly natural-looking.

What’s hair stroke technique about?

Hair stroke technique, which is a form of permanent brows, depends on creating (tattooing) a drawing on brow ridge that indistinguishably imitates and resembles our natural eyebrows. A lingerist injects pigment into skin by drawing single short lines – fake brow hairs – with a special hand tool. Obviously, both the shape and thickness of the tattooed eyebrows are exactly the same. What’s also worth realizing, the drawing of new hairs must be diligently planned beforehand. Thickness, shape, arrangement and the spacing between the hairs – all of this determines how natural the final effect would be.

Hair stroke brows vs. feathered brows

Reportedly, women often ask beauticians how those both cosmetic procedures differ and which one should they pick. Surprisingly, hair stroke brows and feathered brows (also known as feather touch brows) are the very same permanent brow methods and deliver the very same effects – fake brows imitating natural eyebrows.

Is hair stroke brows technique better than brow shading technique?

Hair stroke brows is a technique that delivers the most natural-looking effects. Such brows seem to be real, which makes them almost impossible to recognize as fake, or tattooed. Therefore, if you care for natural and discreet brow makeup, it’s a good idea to go for this cosmetic procedure. Still, it happens fairly often that a lingerist recommends combining both techniques, especially when the brows that she is supposed to fix are exceptionally sparse and in a miserable condition. In such cases, the brow is additionally shaded to gift it with more definition.

What are the benefits of hair stroke brows technique?

  • Allows to thicken the brows that are sparse by nature.
  • Is suitable for men and women.
  • Delivers natural-looking effects; it’s hardly possible to notice any interference into natural brows.
  • Allows to fill in sparse brows with individual fake hairs.
  • Creates spectacular effects especially when applied to diminishing brows.

Brow reconstruction due to hair stroke brows technique

People who lost their brows to various reasons can get them restored permanently thanks to hair stroke brows technique. Thanks to this, even those who underwent chemotherapy, who lost their hair to fire or those suffer from alopecia can enjoy having beautiful eyebrows and improve their appearance, which is strictly connected with boosting mood and self-confidence. If done by a professional, permanent brows look natural. Furthermore, the brow shape always suits face. Finally, permanent brows are long-lasting and don’t smudge. Thanks to this, you can look gorgeous no matter the time of a day.

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