TOP 7 – Natural remedies for sparse eyebrows

As far as eyebrow care goes, brow serum is the best product you can use, that’s for sure. However, there are a couple of methods that can replace it to some degree. See the best home treatments for healthy, strong eyebrow hair below.

If your brows are extremely sparse and fragile, none of the below methods will be effective, and only the best eyebrow serum works in this case – a product made of concentrated ingredients that work strongly in the part of hair that brows arise from i.e. follicles.

Still, it’s good to know home treatments for stronger eyebrows because they come to rescue when:

  • you take a break between eyebrow serums.
  • you run out of eyebrow serum and look for a substitute.
  • you are in travel and haven’t got your beauty products.
  • you want to merely nourish and strengthen the brows.

The best natural treatments for healthy eyebrows

There seem to be endless ideas for home eyebrow strengtheners but only some of them are effective and noteworthy. The ones presented below are trusted and worth testing.

1. Castor oil for thicker brows

Castor oil is an unquestioned winner as far as eyebrow serum substitutes go. It contains unique blend of nutrients that get straight to the hair follicles and work from within. Thanks to them castor oil strengthens, prevents brow loss and thickens the brows in a natural way. You need to wait slightly longer but you’ll be happy with the effect. After just a few days of regular application you can clearly see intensified shine and color of brows. In a long run castor oil may give better results.

2. Aloe gel for eyebrow growth

In daily care, aloe gel is usually used as an intensively-moisturizing ingredient for face skin for example. You should know, though, that aloe is rich in hair-growth stimulating substance so it isn’t merely a moisturizer. You need to rub it to brows regularly (once or twice a day) to reinforce them, add shine and elasticity. An ultra-light formula is a good side of this home remedy.

3. Vitamin E for lovely eyebrows

If you want to preserve youthful look the longest possible, use vitamin E, that is a well-know, strong antioxidant that protects the brows from free radicals, ensures long-lasting elasticity and reinforcement. For instance, you can use vitamin E drops, and after applying them for 3-4 weeks regularly, your brows will be strong, shiny and damage-proof.

4. Egg yolk brow treatment

The best hair strengthening mask contains egg and you can use the same mixture for making the brows stronger. The most important ingredient in this serum’s substitute is egg yolk – a source of proteins and nutrients – you simply beat it until fluffy, apply it to brows and leave on for min. 20 minutes. This is a perfect remedy for damaged brows, adding elasticity at the same time. What’s important you can modify and intensify this treatment e.g. by adding some olive oil or castor oil.

5. Coconut oil on brows

This is another oil which acts as a good brow enhancer. When coconut oil is cold-pressed and unrefined, it abounds in valuable vitamins, minerals and fatty acids essential for eyebrow repair. You can rub the oil in brows every day to notice restored shine, elasticity and lovely color after a few weeks. Coconut oil doesn’t work as intensively as castor oil or professional eyebrow serum but it works well if you don’t have high expectations.

6. Tea tree oil for eyebrow growth

Essential oils are also listed among remedies for sparse brows. They are known for boosting microcirculation as well as nourishing and repairing the hair follicles. It is all true because tea tree oil (best for brows) triggers faster growth and stops hair loss after just two weeks. Of course the effect is subtle and natural, and you need regularity and a fine-quality oil. Note: it is unsuitable for sensitive skin since it tends to cause irritations.

7. Petroleum jelly for brows

The health of brows and their fast growth is possible only when the skin has optimal levels of moisture and nutrients. To keep it from dehydrating, you can try a strong emollient, that is petroleum jelly. Applied to eyebrows, it protects them with a delicate occlusive coat preventing dryness and making them resistant to harmful outside factors. Thanks to that, your brows are strengthened and shiny, and even though the effect isn’t as spectacular as pro eyebrow serum gives, it is surely worth testing.

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