How to apply eyebrow makeup? Step by step manual + useful tips

Well-defined eyebrows can gift the entire face with customized and truly beautiful look. Even if the brows are good-looking by nature, giving them a subtle polish with a few strokes of pencil can turn out to produce incredibly spectacular effects. How to do it correctly? Find out how to apply makeup to eyebrows step by step and learn what color cosmetics should make this task easier for you.

No matter how your brows look – whether they are thin and barely-there, bushy or well-shaped by nature – knowing how to apply color cosmetics in order to bring out the inner beauty of brows is really important. It’s a definitely good thing to know how to accentuate the eyebrows correctly.

Eyebrow stencil vs. classic eyebrow makeup

How to do brow makeup to create the best effects? Indeed, online shops and auctions are full of gadgets that are supposed to help us with this task. Sadly, using a stencil to improve the appearance of eyebrows isn’t the brightest idea because each face is different, so should be the brow shape. For that reason, everyone should define perfect brow shape individually. In this way, you will avoid creating these weird and unnatural brows that look as if they were borrowed from some other person’s face.

Before you start: Eyebrow shaping

There is no use wondering how to apply color cosmetics to brows if they haven’t been shaped correctly yet. You must pluck out the excess hairs that grow outside the outline of the desired eyebrow shape. Only then can you proceed with accentuating the eyebrows with makeup products. Sadly, the color cosmetics won’t do wonders unless the eyebrows have the right shape.

Eyebrow makeup: What products to use?

What color cosmetic will help you achieve the best results in brow makeup? The brow products that you should go for are strictly connected with your expectations and longevity of the effects. Actually, your skills in doing makeup also play a huge role here (some products are more demanding when it comes to their proper application).

  1. Brow shadows – they require to be applied with an angled brush and spoolie to evenly distribute the product along the brow ridges. Thanks to brow shadows, you can achieve both a natural as well as very bold and strong effect.
  2. Brow gel – this product creates far more natural-looking effects because the pigments used aren’t much saturated. Brow gel intensifies the natural color of your eyebrows and boosts brow volume. In most cases, this product comes with an applicator.
  3. Brow pencil – it’s more demanding when it comes to its proper use, even though it doesn’t require us to use any extra applicator. The good news is that with a brow pencil you can create natural, subtle, blurred or dramatic effects, yet it’s easy to overdo with it – you can create an unnatural effect pretty fast and unconsciously.
  4. Brow marker – it’s something between a brow gel and brow pencil, because on one hand it has the form of a convenient marker but its effects are definitely far more long-lasting and intensive that what a regular brow pencil is able to offer you. Still, proper use of a brow marker requires practice.
  5. Brow pomade – the last color cosmetic to mention is a brow pomade, which is the most long-wearing of all brow enhancing products enumerated on that list. Actually, the effects achieved with a brow pomade are the most dramatic. Still, this product is dedicated only to the advanced users because you have to be highly experienced in applying makeup to create the desired results with brow pomade.

How to apply eyebrow makeup step by step?

It’s time for focusing on what’s the most important: How to apply brow makeup? What’s the easiest way to do it and how to achieve the best effects at the same time? If you’ve already shaped the brows, and if you’ve already chosen the right color cosmetic that satisfies your needs and expectations, you’re on the best way for getting the picture-perfect eyebrows. There just a few more steps to take.

Step 1. Prepare the brows

Take a spoolie to comb the brows thoroughly. Then, reach for a translucent powder and apply it to the brow ridges (don’t use too much). Thanks to this, you will mattify the brows and prepare them for the color cosmetic you’re about to apply. Moreover, owing to this simple technique, the makeup products won’t smudge or transfer; also, the final effect will last longer. Once again, make sure that you don’t apply too much powder.

Step 2. Defining the shape

With the use of either a thin angled brush or a sharp brow pencil, outline the eyebrows. The lower arch is the most important here, therefore make sure that it’s both clear enough and not too smooth.

Step 3. Fill the brows with color

Using the same brush, fill the brows with color. Remember to focus on the areas where the eyebrows miss hairs. You can do it in two ways:

  • apply the color to eyebrows and then blend it for a powder/smooth effect
  • make the brows look thicker by drawing hair by hair for a natural effect

Step 4. Final touch-ups

At the end, you can try to subtly blend the upper edge and the beginning of eyebrows (the end that is near your nose) with your skin. This allows you to achieve natural look that is neither too sharp nor too cartoonish. Finally, you can fix eyebrow makeup with a colorless brow gel that will prevent the color cosmetic from transferring.

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