Permanent eyebrows procedure that went wrong. What then?

Undoubtedly, permanent eyebrows procedure is slowly becoming more and more popular among ladies. We go for it when we want to improve the appearance of our face. However, what should be done if the procedure of tattooing fake brow hairs goes wrong? Surely, it’s hardly possible to cover up botched permanent makeup. How will you know that a beautician succeeded in giving you good permanent brows? How will you know if the effect created on your brow ridges needs some correction? How to fix failed permanent makeup?

One of the biggest assets of permanent makeup is its long-wear. Reportedly, women decide to go for permanent makeup mainly because they are fed up with applying regular makeup day after day. There are also women who want to – or even have to – look flawless no matter the time of a day, which is why permanent makeup appears to be one of the best solutions to make use of. Naturally, no matter if successful or not, the effects of permanent makeup last for several long months. But what’s about this botched permanent eyebrows? When this cosmetic procedure is unsuccessful? What are the reasons for unsuccessful permanent eyebrows?

Permanent eyebrows procedure that went wrong: How can I recognize it?

  • Permanent eyebrows – Too fair hair

If right after getting the brows tattooed you find the hair being too fair, then you’re lucky! You can arrange another meeting with a beautician and get more pigment injected into the brow ridge. However, you shouldn’t expose your face to the procedure sooner than after 4-6 weeks. Actually, there is also another reason for your permanent brows being too light in color. Namely, during the skin self-healing process, the color (pigment) comes off together with the exfoliating epidermis and the scabs that are appear after the procedure of brow tattooing. Still, this is completely normal. You can get permanent makeup color correction once your skin heals over completely.

  • Permanent eyebrows – Too dark eyebrows after micropigmentation

It also happens that the eyebrows appears to be too dark. Sometimes it’s just an illusion since we aren’t used to having so intensive eyebrows. Here, you must realize that tattooed eyebrows seem to be way darker than you expected but this effect will change once skin heals up. It happens that the pigment needs even three months to oxidize fully and gives you the desired result. Only then can you find out whether the new color of the eyebrows suits you.

However, if after a few months the brows still remain too dark, then sadly there’s not much to be done to light the color up. In such situation, you can make a complaint and try to get a full refund for the filed cosmetic procedure.

  • Permanent eyebrows – Asymmetric eyebrows

It may also happen that the brow artist, who gives you permanent brows, hasn’t gathered much experience yet in injecting the pigment into skin. In such cases, she may outline the brows asymmetrically. The consequence is easy to foresee – uneven eyebrows. It may also happen that the brows are symmetrical but they are set too closely to each other, which obviously is bad too.

Permanent eyebrows: How to prevent botched permanent eyebrows?

There are two key factors to take into consideration. The first one – the brow artist performing the beauty procedure has to be experienced. The second factor – take good care of your brow ridges during the healing period.

It’s also a good idea to check whether a brow artist keeps developing her/his skills by attending recent courses. Don’t be afraid to ask if the beautician can show you some certificates that prove her/his skills.

Sometimes we are too stubborn and self-confident that we keep telling the brow artist how she/he should carry out the cosmetic procedure; or we keep imposing our vision of the perfect brow shape that we want to have – which in reality isn’t perfect at all. Therefore, be open to the beautician’s suggestions being also aware of the fact that you don’t have to agree to all the ideas of the brow artist’s. You can ask for corrections if you don’t like the visualization of your new eyebrows.

Last but not least, don’t expect the effect of permanent brows to be perfect right after leaving the beauty salon. Bear in mind that your brow ridges are swollen, which obviously affects the appearance of the eyebrows. Also, give your new brows some time to heal up completely. Only then can you be sure that the cosmetic procedure of permanent brows was successful.

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