How to apply brow makeup like a pro? Step by step manual

Defining eyebrows is undoubtedly an important stage in applying makeup. Together with long lashes, accentuated eyebrows create a frame for eyes. Therefore, it’s a good idea to master doing brow makeup to the perfection. Do you know how to bring out the brows using color cosmetics and, consequently, make them impress others? Do you know how to accentuate the brows to achieve natural-looking effect? If not, continue reading to learn…

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Permanent makeup: Ombre brows

Apart from eyebrow feathering, ombre brows is now one of the most popular techniques of applying permanent makeup to eyebrows. What is it exactly and why are ombre brows so common nowadays? Eyebrow shading vs. ombre brows Both eyebrow shading and ombre brows are forms of permanent makeup. The former depends on creating a long-lasting effect due to shading technique, which in fact is used in classic drawing. Some people…

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Permanent makeup: Hair stroke brows

Permanent makeup has many ‘faces,’ and the issue is to choose the one that would suit you best and bring out your unique facial features. One of the most popular methods of permanent brows is so-called hair stroke brows. Undoubtedly, this is a method known for delivering very precision effects that perfectly imitate real brow hairs. More and more often, people who happened to lose their brows to various reasons…

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TOP 7 – Natural remedies for sparse eyebrows

As far as eyebrow care goes, brow serum is the best product you can use, that’s for sure. However, there are a couple of methods that can replace it to some degree. See the best home treatments for healthy, strong eyebrow hair below. If your brows are extremely sparse and fragile, none of the below methods will be effective, and only the best eyebrow serum works in this case –…

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How to condition your brows for spectacular thickness?

There are so many women wondering how to get the brow look they see in commercials. Thick, full and natural brows. Though we shouldn’t be obsessively struggling for the magazine-cover look, it’s worthwhile to know how to improve the appearance of eyebrows and feel better! First of all, we must remember that there are plenty of things that have an impact on the appearance of brows. It’s not all about…

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