Long 4 Lashes eyebrow serum

Long 4 Lashes

Long 4 Lashes eyebrow serum: Formula

Long 4 Lashes is the least effective eyebrow serum that owes its high popularity mainly to the low price. Many women decided to give it a chance and follow the power of bimatoprost which is responsible for actively supporting growth of new brow hairs.

What is interesting, Long 4 Lashes eyebrow serum is a twin sister of Long 4 Lashes eyelash serum. Two things that tell both products apart are the applicator and a slightly changed composition. As much as eyelash serum is cost-effective, the brow version of the serum focuses on conditioning rather than on making eyebrows bold and thick.

Long 4 Lashes eyebrow serum: Benefits

This eyebrow serum is found perfect for eyebrows that require marginal appearance improvement, protection and a small portion of nourishment. The outcomes of the treatment would disappoint those who dream of having bushy and full-looking eyebrows. Despite working slowly, Long 4 Lashes makes eyebrows stronger, darker and moisturized. The new brow hairs, that manage to grow out during the treatment, are as thick as the brow hairs that grow naturally on the brow ridge.

Long 4 Lashes eyebrow serum: Applicator & Use

The applicator that Long 4 Lashes feature has exactly the same form like all modern, innovative and top-shelf eyebrows serums. Therefore, no-one should face any problems with applying Long 4 Lashes to their brows. Still, the issue gets a little bit more complicated with the absorbability: it is more or less 10-15 minutes with wet eyebrows. For that reason, it is better to avoid to apply the serum in the morning since it may impede makeup application.

Long 4 Lashes eyebrow serum: Reviews

As an eyebrow serum Long 4 Lashes does not rather collect favorable reviews – the comments are neither enthusiastic nor raving. The reason for that might be the slow manner of delivering effects, which in fact are not as spectacular as with other eyebrow serums. Some users also say that they spot a few almost white hairs – they lack natural pigment.

Long 4 Lashes eyebrow serum: Summary

SIZE3 ml
CONSISTENCYcolorless, gel-and-water liquid
EFFICIENCYfairly efficient
EFFECTSalmost none

Justification: it conditions and improves appearance of eyebrows but the effects are long to appear. The low price is attractive, yet the results of Long 4 Lashes eyebrow treatment are frequently far from what most people expect. Long 4 Lashes takes long to penetrate eyebrows fully, therefore it is not suitable to be used in the morning.

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