About the brows: shaping, makeup application, care, trends

About the brows shaping, makeup application, care, trends

How to shape eyebrows correctly? Eyebrow shaping procedure uncovered!

Getting fabulous eyebrows begins with two things: treat them right and be aware of the techniques and tips concerning proper removal of unwanted hairs that grow on the brow ridge. Luckily, redefining eyebrows does not appear to be challenging. All you have to do is focus on so-called ‘3-line rule’ as well as take a close look at the brows. What shape do they have? How do the brow hairs arrange themselves naturally? The crucial issue is that the thickness of redefined eyebrows should not be reduced much – remove only single hairs that grow outside the brow ridges. In order to gift eyebrows with the most suitable shape, you should make use of three lines that will help you set:

  • the starting point of your eyebrow – an imagine line that begins at a nostril and runs through the inner corner of the eye.
  • point where your eyebrow should arch – an imagine line that runs through a nostril and the center of the iris; this point should be located somewhere at the two-thirds of the entire eyebrow length.
  • the end – an imagine line stretching from a nostril reaching the outer corner of the eye.

However, if you find defining your eyebrows troublesome, go for the simplest trick that exists. Outline the brow ridge with a nude pencil and check if you are satisfied with the way your eyebrows look. The good news is that you can erase and draw new outlines many times, which allows you to thoroughly analyze whether a particular shape suits you or not. Once you finally create the ideal eyebrow shape, tweeze the hairs that grow outside the outline drawn with the nude pencil. Last but not least, make sure that the thickness in the starting point and end of your eyebrows does not create huge disproportion.

Eyebrow makeup: What colour cosmetics to choose?

Brow pencil – this makes a good eyebrow enhancing tool for those who are accustomed with brow makeup. Soft pencils are found the most effective ones, especially if they are waterproof because they prevent smudges that might appear on face throughout a day. With the use of eyebrow pencil you can easily draw single hairs that mimic the actual brow hairs as well as outline the brows.

Automatic brow pencil – although it resembles a regular brow pencil, automatic brow pencil has many features that makes it a completely separate tool. For example, automatic brow pencils are hidden in slender tubes and frequently comes with a spoolie to help you comb and style the brows. Also, automatic brow pencils are always sharp. This makes them far more precise than a common brow pencil. They also allow you to draw even super tiny brow hairs.

Brow powder – reportedly this is the best-selling colour cosmetic to use to enhance eyebrows. It allows you to fill in the sparse brows, which are caused by losing single brow hairs or are the aftermath of the unsuccessful eyebrow plucking. Brow powder is easy to apply, its composition suits brows, the consistency is right, it embraces every brow hair and does not flake. In most cases, packaging with brow powder also features colorless wax which facilitates eyebrow styling and fixes the makeup.

Brow wax – this is the cosmetic ideal, yet its application requires having the right skills. To use brow wax you need a special flat angled brush. One of brow wax’s pulses is its creamy and waterproof consistency that dries up right after being applied to the brows. This colour cosmetic wear lasts long and allows you to create various effects: subtly enhance the brows (you can add a few brow hairs), fill in the entire brow ridge for a clear outline, redefine the brows and bring them out.

Brow mascara – this cosmetic comes with a tiny spoolie that separates and defines eyebrows. Brow mascara works out to style unruly brow hairs and intensify their colour, especially when they are bushy and voluminous by nature.

Brow liner – this product is supposed to be used in a similar fashion to brow wax, yet it is more runny and more precise. With brow liner you can draw a hair after hair to fill in the sparse areas on your eyebrow ridge and bring out the outline.

Brow tint – this cosmetic has its supporters and opponents. Brow tint is designed to be applied to brow ridge to deliver similar effects to henna treatment. Tint’s formula resembles gel and dries up really fast. This product has to be given some time to remain on eyebrows to remove it afterwards like a peel-off face mask. Tint dyes eyebrows and brow ridge, and fades away within 3-5 days.

Stuff you should know about eyebrow care: Makeup removal

Eyebrow makeup removal makes one of the key brow care elements. To treat eyebrows in the best way, makeup removal should be carried out gently and with the aid of a well-matching remover. For example, if you use waterproof colour cosmetics, then you should turn to bi-phase removers. Only with this kind of product will you take off all cosmetics you have applied. Moreover, during this procedure, neither should you rub the brows vigorously nor jerk them because this is how brow follicles get damaged. Eyebrows should be cleaned the same way you remove mascara coats from eyelashes. To clarify, you have to take a cotton pad dampen with a remover and keep pressing it to eyebrows to allow it to melt the brow products. Now, you can try to really gently wipe the brows off to make sure that there are no color cosmetic residues left on your brow ridge.

How and what should you use to treat eyebrows?

Since you already know how to gift eyebrows with the right shape and what brow color cosmetics use to enhance them, it is worth learning the products that help you maintain eyebrows in a good condition so as to help them grow thick, strong and gorgeous.

Castor oil for brows: Does it really work?

Cleansed and freed from color cosmetics eyebrows should be supplied with nutrients. This prevents dehydration and makes the brows darker and neat. So far it was castor oil that most people used to condition their eyebrows with. However, many users claimed that the effects of castor oil were minor. Although the improvement in eyebrow appearance is finally noticeable, you must be really patient and persistent to apply castor oil to eyebrows.

Furthermore, some people say that castor oil delivers placebo effect and it is far from being as effective as eyebrow serums. Also, it is greasy and if applied unskillfully, the oil might get into eyes causing watery eyes and irritation. Still, one of the indisputable advantages of castor oil is its low price.

Conditioning gel for eyebrows: Is it worth your money?

Conditioning gel, also known as colorless brow mascara, offers an alternative to greasy castor oil. It is supposed to shield hairs against external aggressors rather than regenerate or nourish them. Such conditioning gels are designed to be used on lashes and brows. They are pretty good at conditioning brow hairs, facilitate brow styling and even help comb out the residues of powder or foundation. Sadly, they fail when it comes to improving the state of eyebrows. Basically, conditioning gels work better as an eyebrow taming tool and a primer, not as an eyebrow growth boosting or regenerating product.

Eyebrow serum: The best tool to treat eyebrows with?

Since the cosmetic that even our grandmothers and great-grandmothers known does not regenerate eyebrows fully, the eyebrow serum had to be developed sooner or later – a beauty product which is the answer to all eyebrow-related problems. Eyebrow serum penetrates skin to reach the follicles and reinforce them, simultaneously protecting brow hairs and keeping them nourished. The best eyebrow serums are able to regenerate the hairs within just a few weeks, they make the eyebrows fuller-looking, intensify the natural color and shape them.

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