Orphica Realash Brow eyebrow serum

Orphica Realash Brow

Orphica Realash Brow eyebrow serum: Formula

Ginseng extract and active peptides are the conditioning and brow reinforcing ingredients that found their place in Orphica Brow eyebrow serum. When used regularly, ginseng has a positive effect on hair, strengthens the follicles and combats thinning.

Orphica Brow is suitable for contact lens wearers. It was tested by dermatologists and ophthalmologists, its composition is safe and the serum is not expected to cause irritations.

Orphica Realash Brow eyebrow serum: Benefits

The effects produced by Orphica Realash Brow eyebrow serum are described as satisfying. This is a product that requires patience from the users – the effects should be clear to notice within more or less 12 weeks. Still, in this case persistence pays off because Orphica Realash Brow gives you darker and thicker brows.

Orphica Realash Brow eyebrow serum: Applicator & Use

The soft sponge applicator ensures ease of use. Orphica Brow is not left behind by other similar top eyebrow serums when it comes to application method. This product does not cause any problems, although, this runny serum needs a little bit more time to penetrate eyebrows fully. Therefore, the best time to apply it is before going to sleep so as to allow the serum get absorbed by the skin.

Orphica Realash Brow is available in two sizes. If you care for exposing your eyebrows to the complete treatment, it is better to invest in the standard size tube since the mini size might not give you satisfying results.

Orphica Realash Brow eyebrow serum: Reviews

There is a reason for Orphica Realash Brow to take this place in the ranking. This high position is credited to the favorable effects it creates even though it takes time to notice eyebrow boost. Still, the brows become clearly enhanced sooner or later. Many ladies claim that this eyebrow serum helped them redefine the brows. They also noticed intensified color.

Orphica Realash Brow eyebrow serum: Summary

SIZE4 ml, 6 ml
CONSISTENCYrunny and needs time to penetrate fully
PERFORMANCEoutstanding, quick results
EFFECTSnourished, thicker and dark eyebrows
PRICErather high, does not correspond to the final effects

Justification: The cost of Orphica Realash Brow eyebrow serum is rather high for a product with such a slow manner of delivering results. The mini size tube does not last long and the product itself is not economical – the sponge applicator absorbs too much serum.

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