Apot.Care Optibrow eyebrow serum

Optibrow Apotcare

Apot.Care Optibrow eyebrow serum: Formula

Biotin, panthenol, hyaluronic acid and optiwide complexe responsible for combating eyebrow thinning make Optibrow quite an intriguing beauty product. The manufacturer emphasizes that the eyebrow serum does not include prostaglandins or its derivative. Also, this serum is free from hormones so it can be used by pregnant and breastfeeding women as well as by people actively undergoing chemotherapy.

Apot.Care Optibrow eyebrow serum: Benefits

The effects created by Optibrow are subtle. Indeed, this serum is able to add body to brow hairs but this effect is minor. This means that the brow ridge stars producing single hairs which reportedly causes problems with redefining the shape of eyebrows. The strong suits of Optibrow include protection and reinforcement of eyebrows, yet you have to wait long to achieve them. In most cases Optibrow requires to be applied systematically for over 16 weeks straight.

Apot.Care Optibrow eyebrow serum: Applicator & Use

The applicator that Optibrow features takes the form of a tiny sponge, just like the above-mentioned eyebrow serums. Such applicator is truly convenient because it ensures more precise application than a thin brush or spoolie. Optibrow has to be applied alike any regular eyebrow serum, which means that it has to be spread over brow ridges. Many users claim that Optibrow has to be given more time to penetrate brow hairs.

Apot.Care Optibrow eyebrow serum: Review

This eyebrow serum receives fairly positive reviews. Sadly, its cost is rather high when compared to other eyebrow serum. Optibrow is not recognized as a cost-effective product. People who are trying to grow back eyebrows (over-plucked eyebrows) should not count on dramatic volume boost of brow hairs. Optibrow is able to encourage single hairs to grow on the brow ridges. When it comes to the actual brow hairs, this product leaves them darker and slightly extended.

Apot.Care Optibrow eyebrow serum: Summary

SIZE5 ml
CONSISTENCYrunny and requires a little bit more time to penetrate fully
PERFORMANCEit rather conditions eyebrows rather than regenerates
EFFECTSsubtle, created no sooner than in 4 weeks
PRICEvery high

Justification: This eyebrow serum focuses more on conditioning eyebrows rather that on regenerating the hairs. Its price is high and the delivered effects appear to be less satisfying than what most eyebrow serums offer. Still, Optibrow may be a good solution to be used in the form of complementary treatment to maintain the results achieved with other, more efficient eyebrow serums. Also, this eyebrow serum is said to take long to get absorbed fully.

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